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Provides oppertunities for entrepreneurial business women to meet on regular basis.

Developing women as distinguised business leaders and provide continuous inspiration for more women to come forword Sourcing of information regarding issues relating to women entrepreneurs.

Influencing positive change with particular reference to women entrepreneurs in the economic environment of the country.

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Women Business Enterprise Development Association
( WOBEDA - reg no: 156/96 )
is independent and autonomous engaged in fostering women entrepreneurs and encouraging them to break social barriers and show signs of excellence in the pursuit of entrepreneurial objects. This also includes the handicapped, widows & deserted women apart from educted unemployed.

WOBEDA promotes and strengthens business relations and fosters the exchange of ideas, experience, information and co-operation particularly amongst women entrepreneurs.

INVOLVEMENT This is an active and growing association which emphasises the importance of the involvement of its members to reach its goals. Committee Participation provides the members with an oppertunity to contribute to the growth of the association while expanding at the same time her own contacts and gain wider experience.


The WOBEX covers a wide range of Industries, Businesses, Services includig Building, Food and Beverages, Computers, Communications, Office Equipment, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Industrila automation, Franchising, Investment opportunities, Textiles, Clothing, Foot wear, Toys, Handicrafts, Sarees, Food and food products, Ready made garments, Herbal products, Books for your knowledge and many more.. ...


The Organising Committee is responsible for identifying issues relevent to the needs and interest of members and it organises high - calibre speakers and penelists to address these topics at regular meetings...

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